Friday, October 1, 2010

Shock to the System

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy since the beginning. I was really sold on it at first. I loved the slightly off characters. It seemed to make sense to me that people who would choose to spend their lives elbow deep in people's bodies would be a little crazy.

Then they got too crazy.

I got bored. I think we all did. Grey's was no longer a destination show. (I knew of people who would have "Grey's night" with potluck dinners.)

Then they shot last season's finale. Holy smokes. When the gunman shot the Shrek doctor and then pulled Dr. Bailey out from under the bed, I thought I would never breathe again. Grey's Anatomy was back!

Okay, it is still neurotic and some of the things that annoyed me are still annoying. It's like getting back together with someone you dumped and you are not sure if you want to get as serious as you were before.

Tonight, when Cristina Yang loses her $**! in the OR and Meredith comes in and lies on the ground with her, I was in.

Actually, Cristina's storyline is the only one I am really interested in right now. I want to care about Meredith. I like that she left Derek in the clink. But Shonda Rhimes has some work to do to bring me back around to the others. By the way, having ditzy doctor who crushed on Shepherd move into Meredith's orphanage with them is not the way to do it. Meredith, who refused to acknowledge her father or sister for so long would not come around to this silly girl so easily.

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