Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Jen won't watch it anymore. Apparently, it did not make the grade of watchable television for the busy busy girl. I, however, love Gossip Girl. I love it. I love the chemistry between Blaire and Chuck; Serena and the boy from Brooklyn whose name I suddenly can't remember, but seriously, how important is he? It's his dad I notice. Is that shameful? No, because I am 35 and I should be looking above the high school aged boys.

Oh, it frustrates me to see these kids drinking. Especially when I think about the puritan I was in high school. (Whaaa? You wanna do more than make out? You are outta here, fella. by the way, Eric Hemeon, if you happen to read this, I totally thought you were awesome and if you read this, contact me....)

In any case, I am feeling old. I like the DAD! What the he... Am I even allowed to watch this show anymore? No, this is not much of a show review, but what have you 3 readers come to expect of me? (One of those reader is me, and I have learned not to expect much. Sigh)

G'night kids. I am sleepy. Probably going to dream about how I was not attending balls and drinking martinis at age 17. Well, I am not even doing that now.

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