Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Into the Woods

Why did the guy who stabbed the Hardware shop owner break the window of the door to get in when the owner never even had the chance to lock it before getting stabbed? That's the kind of crap that makes me hate a television show.

As for the rest of it..

I am glad Susan went after What's his name.. But it all played out way too cleanly. That would never have happened in my life.

I am glad that Lynette's husband (the gay guy from Melrose Place) stood up for his marriage. I think that he is just as responsible and I appreciated his stance. I also understood where she was coming from and I hope that she can reignite the romance with her man. (Her husband man, I mean). And just because you enjoy someones company does not mean you wanna sleep with them. GEEZ.

As for Gabrielle and the Mayor guy... he is ugly and stupid and I don't see that working out. Besides, he is connected to the mafia? The story line is stupid and overbearing. And I am tired and bored of this. Let's get Ryan Reynolds to prance around shirtless on the show and my attention will be on it 100%.

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