Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble

Greatest opening dream sequence ever! Allison was having a silent movie dream in the vein of
Villian: "You must pay the rent!"
Lady in distress: "I can't pay the rent!"
Hero: "I'll pay the rent!"
Well done! The little one who plays the youngest of Dubois girls was laughing but they did a pretty good job of acting melodramatic.

I really like this show. A big part of it is the family dynamic aspect. Allison and Joe have been lauded (along with the couple from Friday Night Lights) as the most realistic couple on TV. Additionally, the characters in and of themselves are so real and multi-dimensional. I am not in the mood to wax poetic on why they are, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

In this episode, Joe has to deal with some of his eldest's teenager type actions, like asking to be dropped off a block from school, and having magical access to money. I am writing this as I watch, which is harder than it seems! I'm looking at the title and wondering how it will play in. The lead suspect of the case Allison is working on, has two daughters. Joe is dealing with Arielle. Are ALL girls trouble? I'd like to think I'm an angel.

Huh, I think I may be psychic, too! (Which is going to make my boss so happy as he seems to believe it is part of my job description). I said angel and Allison drew a sort of angel/fairy on her pad (okay, so it was more fairy than angel... Maybe I only have ESP2).

Ooh, Patricia Arquette needs to be fitted for a better bra. She's sporting the double set of boobs. (Overflow ain't purty). Man, she's got massive hooters. I never noticed before. I do love her. I think she's great in this role. I apologize for judging her for the spillage.

Unfinished ending to this episode. Hmph.

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